November 27, 2020

#004 The Road Not Taken

This episode is a conversation between me and singer, musician and composer Petter Udland Johansen. We recorded this episode the day after the recording sessions of Petter's new album "The Road Not Taken" in June 2020 at his home in Basel, Switzerland. Topics of this episode include the making of the new album, Petter's story, love, emotion and storytelling in music; the difference between Bob Dylan and Mozart; and the importance of ancient bard and troubadour culture for our modern lifes and society.

"The Road Not Taken" on Spotify

September 4, 2020

#003 None But The Brave

Today I am joined by harp player Maximilian Ehrhardt from Berlin, Germany, to talk abut his new solo CD release "None but the Brave", which is being released on Carpe Diem Records on Sept.11th, 2020. We talk about Celtic and Welsh harp music, forgotten (and rediscovered) manuscripts in Welsh Libraries, harp traditions and different kinds of instruments, also about how to record a harp and why this program is so unique. You can also hear some of the pieces from the new album, so check it out and enjoy the sound of a 18th Century Welsh Triple Harp (we also explain what exactly that is !).

Episode Two: "The Star and the Sea". Today's Co-Host is Lee Santana, lutenist and composer. Together we discuss the release of the remastered version of his 1999 album "The Star and the Sea". Topics include the compositional process of the album, transcendental experiences, the difference between melancholy and clinical depression in music, John Dowland, Pat Metheny, the perfect Viola da Gamba, remastering techniques and musical dynamics, Greenpeace and the general state of the universe.

Find the album here:

May 23, 2020

#000 The Beginning

Episode #000 The Beginning - Here I talk about how I started the label, about the recording of the first album and how it all came about. Also some general thoughts about music production and aesthetics.

Albums mentioned in this episode:

"Cradle of Conceits", by Lee Santana, Carpe Diem Records

"Sixxes" & "Les Voix humaines", by Hille Perl & Lee Santana, DHM/Sony Music

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